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Ao Organics 'Iliwai Hydration Serum

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Ao Organics Hawaii’s 'Iliwai Hydration Serum is ideal for all skin types, with special benefits for skin with visible signs of aging, including fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, and lack of elasticity.

Lusciously quenched, rejuvenated skin is what 'Iliwai Hydration Serum is all about. Infused with hand-picked actives that work in synergy to hydrate, revive, and protect your skin, the silky serum slips into pores to revitalize from within. Fortified with two weights of hyaluronic acid that pull moisture into the deepest layers, ‘Iliwai leaves skin firmed, plumped, and velvety smooth. The formula’s Coenzyme Q10, a powerful, naturally occurring antioxidant, energizes skin cells to re-build collagen and elastin, creating a powerful lifting and firming effect. Its Niacinimide goes to work to minimize and tighten enlarged or lax pores, brighten and even tone, and soften fine lines and wrinkles.

The ideal anti-aging serum, ‘Iliwai is specifically formulated to replenish and repair your skin for healthy, youthful radiance and lift.

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