Shower and Bath Cleaner

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Harness the power of Mother Nature herself. Watch soap scum and grime disappear without compromising on the environment or your health thanks to the power of 100% plants and minerals. Put this cleaner to work around your bathroom for spic ‘n span showers, tubs, sinks and glass shower doors. Plant soap and natural minerals provide a non-toxic, biodegradable clean, leaving nothing behind but the aromatherapeutic scent of triumph.

It is $0.40 per ounce so enter the amount of ounces you want into the cart and that will equal the amount of ounce you will receive.

Choosing a reused container is one that has been donated to us and rewashed and sanitized.

A new container will correspond with the number of ounces you chose to get and included a spray top similar to the one photoed if you wish to purchase.

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