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Our Story

15,000 bottles and counting


Hunter and Jill started Keep It Simple in December 2020 with the hopes of making an impact in their community. Both girls wanted a way to shop without contributing to the plastic pollution problem that was plaguing the beaches they visited daily. Growing up in Hawai’i was beautiful, but it also meant watching the pollution on the beaches grow astronomically.


When household items like toothbrushes and laundry bottles started washing up on the shores, they thought, “that could’ve been mine at some point”. This was a defining moment. Instead of losing hope, they decided to be the source that they craved. Their dream was to build a space in Honolulu that would make a difference. They wanted sustainability to feel fun and exciting, and not about guilt surrounding pollution. The space was for community and to ignite the fire of change.


In late 2020, the refill store was born. In 1.5 years, Keep it Simple has helped our community divert over 15,000 plastic bottles from ending up in the environment.  Our mission is to provide Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Non-Toxic, Reef Safe products to our highly demanded market of Eco-Conscious customers.

Organic and
Local Producers

We do our best to work with local suppliers and local companies to truly minimize our waste and help our local community.

Buy as Much
as You Need

Without pre-set packaging there is no limit to how much you can buy therefor it will allow you to buy as much as you need.

We Have One Planet.
Let's Love It

We do not need a few people practicing zero waste perfectly we need millions of people practicing it imperfectly.

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